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We always have an eye on what’s happening in the world of process automation and AI, along with anything else in the industry that’s worth a look. Here are some of the latest views, insights and announcements from across the media.

Decision Engines Names Sandy Thielamay Vice President of Sales
September 19, 2019 | newswire

A digital transformation leader and Fortune 100/500 collaborative visionary, Thielamay to oversee sales for the Palo Alto, California-based company

UK Government to prepare people for automation
July 18, 2019 | insight

Forward thinking approach will help workers adapt to the new face of the workplace

Three pillars for scaling intelligent automation: process, technology, people
July 16, 2019 | Information Age

Businesses are finding it difficult to scale their automation deployments, but there is a way to make it possible

Handling the people impact of automation
July 8, 2019 | MIT Management

Automation can free employees, but it’s critical to handle change sensitively as this article discusses

McKinsey report on the future of women at work
July 8, 2019 | McKinsey

A fascinating analysis of the impact that automation might have specifically regarding the female workforce

RPA need AI to reach the next step
June 1, 2019 | InformationAge

Existing automation needs to mature further to avoid reaching a dead end

Top ten process suitable for automation
May 31, 2019 | TECHNATIVE

Some of the areas where automation can make a major impact

RPA in plain English

Useful short overview of robotic process automation

Companies betting big on automation
May 7, 2019 | ZDNet

Report indicates that companies failing to automate will soon be at a competitive disadvantage

The ‘last mile’ of automation
Apr 23, 2019 | WIRED

The final part of the journey can be the hardest to automate, but it can add the most value

AI the future of automation
Apr 23, 2019 | Engineering News

New Technologies to change supply chain operating models, says Gartner

Why RPA is the US Government’s Favourite Automation Tool
Dec 20, 2018 | Customer THINK

The ability to implement quickly and rapidly deliver efficiency are two key factors behind the Government’s drive to RPA

Workforce of the Future
Dec 18, 2018 | Forbs

An interesting look at how software robots are changing industry and what to consider when implementing RPA

Robotic Process Automation’s growing stake in the workplace
Dec 6, 2018 | CMS WiRE

2018 was the year that RPA was validated – what’s in store in 2019 and beyond?

Robotic Process Automation and Digital Process Automation
Nov 20, 2018 | Information Age

What’s the difference and what do these two distinct technologies offer?

95% of organisations using RPA say it has improved productivity
Oct 11, 2018 | Information Age

There may still be challenges but it’s a sector ripe for explosive growth

Read Deloitte’s fourth Global Robotics Survey
Oct 10, 2018 | Deloitte

Hear the views and experiences of 530 business leaders across organisations with a combined revenue of $3.5 trillion

RPA is a gateway drug
OCT 10, 2018 | Horses for Sources

Yet we’re only at the early stages of the automation journey.

Zebra Technologies want more AI-based automation
OCT 1, 2018 | CFO

RPA provides many benefits, but greater ‘intelligence’ is the key for some industries.

Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Jobs In Banking?
SEP 26, 2018 | Forbes

Automation can lead to a banking revolution – and it’s not just about driving efficiency.

Half of CFOs are still doubtful about robotics
SEP 21, 2018 | siliconrepublic

Those organisations that are reluctant to automate could be left behind.

India Surpasses US And Japan in Automation, AI Adoption: Study
SEP 18, 2018 | News18

Augmented human enterprise is helping drive the Indian economy forward.

Read the Deloitte Global RPA Survey
JUL 7, 2018 | Deloitte

Find out where other organizations are on their automation journey and discover more about the expected benefits.

How AI and Machine Learning can Empower Marketeers
JUN 24, 2018 | MarTech Today

Customer data platforms are full of value, if you have the tools to exploit it.

Could robots take over in the HR department?
MAY 25, 2018 | Information Age

Robotisation can optimise the recruitment process, doing away with recruiting from a limited labour pool

Forbes AI Knowledge Map: How to Classify AI Technologies
MAY 19, 2018 | Forbes

It’s a complex and evolving landscape, so how can we make sense of the differing levels of AI maturity?

A Revolution in Business Process Automation
MAY 19, 2018 | TechCentral

Why more CIOs are turning to automation to streamline enterprise operations.

Could Automation and AI be Making Work More Human?
Apr 17, 2018 | ZDNet

Productivity improvements and cost savings might not be the only benefits of automation.


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