Bots that understand your business



Built on our deep experience in machine learning and process automation, the platform AI natively understands basic constructs of business processes such as reconciliation, decision making, risk assessment etc.  This enables businesses to automate high value knowledge processes not possible until now.



The decisioning engine continuously evaluates outcomes at all process stages and re-configures processes based on accuracy. This frees up valuable time for businesses to focus on process paths involving high risk decisions.

Intelligent Service Orchestration


Business users can now use intuitive business language interface to move data and compose processes to automate processes easily. Automate quicker with less IT involvement.



Our intelligent orchestration engine auto completes process steps and routes data intelligently based on business criteria such as risk, SLA and capability.  


Seamless BPM IntegratioN


Our automation cloud is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing BPM solutions that enterprises have already invested in and start adding value in minutes. The platform can also add intelligence to existing processes without process re-engineering or costly IT projects.



We believe an extensible platform is a crucial to be able to enable businesses to automate any future unknown processes and protect their investment. We have designed the the platform to be easily extended by internal IT, third party vendors and business users alike with intuitive extensibility features and API first design.

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Your Processes on Auto Pilot

Preemptive Exception Detection

Exception detection and handling is a big concern in business processes. We have built custom anomaly detection algorithms that continuously analyze the data flowing through the process, detects exceptions and auto routes them to the correct handling process or teams.


Low Touch

We leveraged our AI core to build robust operational features into the bot framework so you can reliably automate processes & operate your bots with minimal human intervention.