Decision Engines ContractIQ product utilizes patented AI and ML Bots to empower legal and non legal Business Teams to extract key elements of contracts, track, analyze and manage risk during the course of the contract life.

Highly Accurate


Decision Engines solution is pre-trained on thousands of contracts and legal documents to automatically extract common clauses and fields from a variety of machine incompatible documents such as PDF’s and Images. The solution is 90% accurate for standard clauses and fields out of the box resulting in an immediate ROI.


Accuracy for Standard Clauses & Fields


Pretrained Clauses & Fields




Intelligent Contract Bots

Realtime Learning


The solution utilizes active learning bot technology to learn custom clauses and fields that business users markup using a highly intuitive UI. This closed loop learning technology enables rapid improvement in accuracy as well as adapts the solution in real-time to specific customer needs without intervention of IT teams.

Risk Scoring


Decision Engines risk scoring bots can be configured to apply rules and AI to compute risk based on deviation from standard clauses or specific field ranges. This helps legal and delivery owners to manage risk without getting lost in hundreds of pages of legalese

Any Document Type

Our platform support all formats like TEXT, EXCEL, IMAGE, PDF, WORD from different sources like FTP, GDRIVE, eMail and business applications like Salesforce, Apttus …etc

End-To-End Automation


Using the many integration bots available on the platform combined with the ability to write custom bots offers limitless possibilities in achieving the level of automation desired all on the same platform. This greatly reduces project risk and simplifies the IT landscape.


Auto Scaling


ContractIQ is built on the robust Decision Engines Intelligent Process Automation platform and scales to any volume elastically based on customer need and SLA guarantee requirements.


Legacy Contract Migration

Migrate Contracts from legacy document stores with intelligent content extraction to modern document stores and CLM systems.

Contract Digitization

Digitize existing and new contracts post signing and create a single searchable store of contracts as well as update key systems with contract performance data.

Contract Risk Mitigation

Track deviations of clauses and field values from company standards during negotiations to optimize total contract risk.

Contraction Execution Risk

Track key contract obligations and deliverables during the course of the contract lifecycle and eliminate risk during the execution.

Contract Enforcement

Tie key contract field data into other systems such as AP or AR to enforce contract agreements such as billing rates etc.

Contract Renewal Risk

Ensure higher renewal rates by analyzing key field values and corresponding performance metrics to surface high risk contracts and actively mitigate renewal risk.