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At the forefront of true end-to-end intelligent process automation for the enterprise


Decision Engines focuses on increasing productivity of the knowledge worker in the enterprise. Extending an organization’s existing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) investment and beyond Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Decision Engines focuses on knowledge worker activities which span data extraction, multi-system reconciliation, and decisioning.

The Decision Engines platform takes the complexities out of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate the need for data scientists and enables companies to improve operational efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and wow their customers with faster and better service.

For more information please contact us at sales@decisionengines.ai

‘Our mission is to change the way people and businesses operate. Forever.’

Our intelligent process automation is the next stage in the evolution of the autonomous enterprise. It encompasses the entire ecosystem of people, processes and data, connecting them across applications, platforms and the wider supply chain. The result is a digitally enabled and enhanced workforce, with repetitive and mundane tasks performed rapidly and accurately by software robots. The bots can interrogate disparate systems, learn the business context of an object, extract unstructured data and act appropriately to deliver results, fast.

Our vision already extends far beyond today’s applications to achieve true artificial intelligence, with bots learning, improving and building new processes independently until they ultimately exceed human abilities. Working with our clients across the globe, Decision Engines will reshape the way we do things. Everywhere.

For more information please contact us at sales@decisionengines.ai

Make more of your most valuable asset: your people

Taking away mundane tasks and removing the cost and delays associated with human process handling is one of the greatest opportunities for the enterprise to save time and money.



HQ: Palo Alto, 720 University Ave, CA, 94301. Global offices: Washington, Orlando, Bangalore.