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Today’s methods aren’t working

The old economy

In the US economy alone 230 million knowledge workers labor unproductively, collecting, storing, managing and analysing information. They struggle with a fractured mix of structured and unstructured data. They frequently use it to run mundane but essential tasks like accounts payable, logistics, payroll and HR. 90% of these tasks are still performed manually.

Are you ready for the autonomous enterprise?

Human and machine working together

At Decision Engines we make people the focus. Using technology to enhance them, empowering them to do more, with less. Increasing accuracy. Improving employee satisfaction. Saving time. Saving money.

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Data first

We provide the business context for decision making that other solutions lack. And our development of AI means that, once deployed, our software bots learn through on the job training, guided by human operators, removing the burden from them and iteratively increasing the level of automation.

One unified platform

Unlike other solutions that stitch together apps, scripts and macros, we’ve built from the ground up, with transfer learning optimising the value and performance of bots, even in new processes.

Cloud native

Being cloud native we are infinitely scalable, with institutional knowledge and for transfer learning further enhancing the agility and capabilities of our bot ecosystem. An advantage no other BPO solution can match.

Self Service

Design and deploy bots that become self-learning, creating an ecosystem of ongoing, autonomous improvement.

Automation could save the average Fortune 500 company $400m annually.

The average Fortune 500 company has over 3,000 processes than can be automated, encompassing between 60 to 80 percent of finance, HR and procurement tasks. With the potential to reduce costs by at least 30 percent.

Don’t just take our word for it.

‘Decision Engines is using state-of-the-art AI techniques in exactly the right way, to solve common business problems that traditionally require costly human intervention. Applying leading methods in computer vision and natural language processing, they can automate and scale these processes to achieve efficiencies that are otherwise impossible.’

Professor Zico Kolter – Carnegie Mellon University